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Whenever two lines meet, they form an angle. It is very important to be able to measure angles accurately, for example a builder has to build walls at the correct angle or the building might fall down!

Astronomers use angles to work out how far away planets and stars are, and when we play games we use angles to work out how to hit or kick a ball in the right direction!

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Angles Facts

  • The first person to write about angles was Euclid, a Greek mathematician who lived around the year 300BCE, in Alexandria.
  • Angles are measured in degrees. The symbol for degrees is º. A straight line equals 180º.
  • Right angles equal exactly 90º, angles between 90º and 180º are known as obtuse, while angles that are less than 90º are acute.
  • An angle that is larger than 180º but less than 360º is known as a reflex angle.
  • A full circle equals 360º, which is why a full turn on a skateboard is known as a 360.


Understanding angles

Visit the pizza parlour to learn about angles!

Running time: 4:10

Finding right angles around your home

Make your own right angle and use it to measure angles at home!

Running time: 2:41

Measuring angles and their names

This video is a good overview of the types of angles (obtuse, acute and right) and how to measure them.

Running time: 4:16


What's Your Angle, Pythagoras?

A maths adventure for older primary children.

Sir Cumference: And the Great Knight of Angleland

Young Radius must go on a quest before he can become a knight!


Explore triangles and their angles in this colourful book.

Junior Illustrated Maths Dictionary

This maths reference book is a great resource.

Geometry for Every Kid

Fun activities using geometry.

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