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Environmental artist Andy Goldsworthy is famous for his works made from natural materials. He works in the landscape, as well as creating installations for art galleries and museums.

He did not like working in art studios when he was an art student, preferring to work outside. He has even made a sculpture at the North Pole!

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Andy Goldsworthy Facts

  • Sculptor Andy Goldsworthy was born on the 26th of July 1956 in Sale, Cheshire, England.
  • When he was a teenager, he worked as a farm labourer.
  • Goldsworthy’s work is ephemeral, meaning it quickly disappears. He uses photographs to record the creation and decay of his work.
  • Goldsworthy has published more than 20 books about his art.
  • To make his sculptures, Goldsworthy uses only natural materials.


Rivers and tides

This snippet from a longer film shows Goldsworthy working with natural materials, as well as water and ice, and discussing how he makes his art.

Running time: 3:12

Land Art

A fascinating film showing Goldsworthy making some art near his home in Scotland.

Running time: 6:29

Andy Goldsworthy

This video is a montage of many of Goldsworthy’s works, and is useful for showing children the breadth and range of his art.

Running time: 3:39

Temporary Land Art: Richard Shilling

A short video on the stunning work of Richard Shilling, an artist who is inspired by Andy Goldsworthy.

Running time: 4:19


Anywhere Artist
A young artist makes art from found objects in this beautiful text.
In this beautiful book, Jeannie Baker uses collage to make landscapes.
Good Earth Art
This book is packed with ideas for Environemntal Art projects.
Hello Nature: Draw, Colour, Make and Grow
This scrapbook is packed with ideas for art using nature as an inspiration.

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