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Addition is one of the four basic operations in mathematics. When two (or more) numbers are added together, the result is the total (or sum) of those numbers.

Counting is a type of addition, as you count up you add one more each time.

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  • Our huge Addition Pack is full of resources to help children master addition.

The Addition Pack

Addition Facts

  • The plus sign (+) has been used since the 14th century.
  • If you add two odd numbers together, you always get an even number.
  • The sum of any two numbers is always the same. For example. 2 + 3 will always equal 5.
  • Before the + sign was used, people used to write out their addition calculations in words.
  • Humans have used addition for at least 6,000 years.


Addition: 1 + 6

Rodd practises adding one and six together.

Running time: 6:44

Adding and subtracting using mental methods

A great video for children learning to use mental addition and subtraction methods for four and five digit numbers.

Running time: 5:19

How to add 3 digit number using column addition

A great explainer video, showing how to complete column addition calculations.

Running time: 3:37


A catchy song to help children add 1.

Running time: 3:19


One Hundred Hungry Ants

Explore some different ways to make 100 in this charming book.

Ten Flashing Fireflies

This story reinforces number bonds to ten.

12 Ways to Get to 11

A lovely book that shows 12 ways to get to 11!

Addition + Subtraction: 100 Practice Pages

Lots of practice calculations for younger children.

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