As a special Christmas gift for teachers everywhere, we have decided to make a set of Christmas Maths challenges that are free for anyone to download and use in their classroom. The resources consist of a set of maps that Santa is using to help him to deliver the presents. Six of these maps are available, with a wide range of numbers on them, so you can choose the most appropriate ones for the different ages / ability levels in your class:

Special Deliveries Santa Maps

We have also create a set of challenge cards that ask children to colour Santa’s map according to the properties of different numbers. There are nine different challenge cards, varying in difficulty, with a set of blank cards so you can make some for your class… or the children could make some for each other!

Special Deliveries Challenges

These resources will be added to our Christmas Pack shortly, so that our members can download them with all of our other Christmas resources. If you’re not a member yet, you can join today to access a huge collection of popular resources for teachers.

Just click on these links to download the resources…

We hope that your children enjoy the challenges!

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