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World Chocolate Day

July 7

World Chocolate Day

World Chocolate Day is celebrated annually on the 7th of July. The reason why the date was chosen is uncertain, but it may mark the anniversary of the first large shipment of cocoa arriving in Europe.

Chocolate originated in modern-day Mexico. Cacao beans were made into a drink and used as medicine. The cacao was ground up with spices and chilli – nothing like the drink we enjoy today!

When the Spanish brought chocolate to Europe in the 1500s, it became a popular drink among the rich. Sugar was added to mask its bitter taste.

The technology for turning chocolate into chocolate bars was developed during the 19th century and today more than 7 million tonnes of chocolate is eaten worldwide every year!

Teaching Ideas and Resources

  • Try this great bean to bar activity from Comic Relief.
  • Design a new chocolate bar. What colours will you use in the packaging? What flavours will you include? What will you call it?
  • Read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl.
  • On a map of the world, mark the areas where cacao is grown. What do you notice about them? What conditions are needed to grow cacao? This list is helpful in finding the countries, and seeing how much is produced there.
  • Investigate the temperature at which different types of chocolate melt.
  • The following video shows how chocolate bars are made in a factory:


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July 7
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