The Thinking Skills Pack - Coming soon to Teaching Packs!

We’re busy working on our new Thinking Skills pack and our Teaching Packs members can download the first half of the resource pack now!

UPDATE – We have now finished this resource pack and you can download ALL of the resources from the Members Area now!

The pack is designed to help your children to solve problems, make decisions, ask (and answer) questions and more! It is split into six different sections:

  • Remember – Help to improve your children’s memory with these resources (many of which include a blank version so that teachers (or children) can make their own).
  • Understand – A set of resources to help your class expand, reinforce and review their understanding of concepts.
  • Apply – Can your pupils apply their knowledge, understanding and experiences in a wide range of situations?
  • Analyse – Ask your children to think carefully about individual items and groups of objects. Can they describe / imagine / compare them in different ways?
  • Evaluate – Challenge your children to evaluate different situations and use their judgements to make clear decisions.
  • Design – A varied set of design-based activities that have specific requirements (or restrictions) that your children have to meet during the creative process.

At the moment, there are 143 printable teaching resources in the pack and these include:

  • Think of a Time when… – Ask your class to remember times in their own life when different things happened to them.
  • A to Z – Will your class be able to think of words, beginning with every letter of the alphabet, linked to the twenty-four different topics?
  • What’s Missing? – Show your children the complete set of images on the first page… then show them one of the other pages and ask them to identify the item that is missing!
  • Pairs Game – Print and cut out the cards, lay them upside down on the table and ask children to find the matching pairs. This came can be played individually, in pairs or in small groups. Who will be the best at remembering where the cards are?
  • Make a Mnemonic – Help your class to remember different facts and spellings by asking them to make their own mnemonics!
  • How Would You Use…? – Can your children think about how to use one of the objects (e.g. toothbrush, sandwich, pencil) to complete a task (e.g. rescue a princess from a tower, find some buried treasure)?
  • What Would Life Be Like…? – Ask your children to imagine what life would be like if a variety of different situations were true.
  • How did they change? – Get your children to think about famous story characters and describe how they changed throughout their adventures.
  • Sorting Objects – A collection of one hundred images that can be printed and sorted in different ways using our sorting diagrams.
  • Odd One Out – Look at the three items on each page and discuss which one is the odd one out. There is not one definite answer, so challenge children to think carefully and explain their choices!
  • Pros and Cons – Ask your class to think of the pros and cons of a wide range of issues.
  • What Would You Do? – Show your children one of the twelve images in this resource and ask them to think about what is happening. What would they do to help?
  • Can You Create…? – A set of 10 design challenges for children to explore. Can they draw, paint or make models of their creations?
  • Tell a Story… – A set of writing / storytelling prompts that challenge pupils to create a story that has very specific requirements (e.g. includes a particular list of items, has a specific number of words or does not use the word ‘the’).

The pack isn’t completed yet and we will continue to add even more resources over the next week. If you have any suggestions of resources that you would like to see in the pack, please get in touch.

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