50 Youtube Channels for Home Learning

There are plenty of amazing educational videos on Youtube that can be used as part of learning at home (and also inside the classroom). Why not take advantage of these free resources to help your children discover more about a wide range of subjects and topics?

Before choosing to watch any online video, it’s worth taking some to think about these questions:

  • Is it suitable for your children? How can you tell? Was it created for children, or is it aimed at an older audience?
  • Who created it? How can you be sure that the information in the video is accurate?
  • What do your children hope to find out by watching the video? Do they have any questions about the topic before they start? Could you write these down and make a note of the answers as you watch the video?
  • Some of the videos have adverts. Why is this?

Watching these videos can also make a fantastic starting point for further research and activities linked to each topic:

  • While you are watching, your children may wish to make some notes. They could try to record the key vocabulary (and discuss what it means), or pause the video to draw some pictures or write a few sentences about what they have found out.
  • Do your children have any additional questions after they have watched? Would they like to watch a part of it again to review their learning? Could they find out more about the topic from a different source (e.g. a book or website)?
  • How could they record what they have discovered? They might want to draw some labelled diagrams or write a sentence / paragraph / page about the topic. If you have access to a mobile device, could they create an audio or a video report?

Let’s explore the video channels…


  • The Alphablocks are living letters who appear in wonderful videos to help your children learn about phonics and develop their reading skills.
  • KidsTV123 has a large playlist of phonics videos that children can watch.
  • Fairy Tales and Stories for Kids has lots of animated stories to enjoy. Can your children retell the story to you after they have watched one of the videos?
  • BBC Teach has a playlist of English videos to teach your children about punctuation and stories. It also includes ideas for writing, songs and more.
  • CBeebies have a playlist of their Bedtime Stories, in which people read popular children’s books. Why not record your own version on a mobile device?
  • Watch this collection of book trailers from Scholastic. Could you make a trailer for one of your favourite books?



  • Happy Learning English has a large collection of videos about humans, animals and plants.
  • Learn about amazing animals with this playlist from National Geographic Kids.
  • Hopscotch produce many educational videos. This playlist has songs about habitats, the continents, oceans and planets.
  • Operation Ouch produce educational videos about the human body.
  • Homeschool Pop has put together a collection of videos that cover a wide range of Science topics.
  • SciShow Kids has a wide range of Science videos that answer different questions about the world.
  • Science Max carries out huge science experiments. Could your children try similar experiments, but on a smaller scale, at home?





  • RelaxDaily has an extensive collection of calming music that your children can play as part of mindfulness activities, or when they are working on other educational tasks.
  • Kidz Bop produce child-friendly versions of popular songs. Can your children learn some of the lyrics or dance along with the moves shown in the videos?
  • Classical Kids Storytime features children’s stories that are accompanied by classical music.
  • Free School has playlists to teach your children about Beethoven and Mozart.



We hope that this list of channels is useful. Let us know if you use any of them with your children!

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